What is Signio?

Signio is an online platform providing electronic workflow and signature solutions that securely automate the Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) and Insurance process.

Signio offers a paperless, electronically managed solution that meets all key compliance requirements, is easy to use and offers feedback on key performance areas via meaningful and accurate reports.

Signio is widely used by:

  • Other participants in the Motor Vehicle Industry in South Africa
  • Motor Vehicle Dealerships (both SME’s and Dealer Groups)
  • Value Added Product (VAP) providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks

Signio is linked to all the major financiers.

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Know the facts about Signio

For more than a decade...

The Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) industry had trusted Signio with their certification and electronic signing needs for vehicle finance and Value Added Products (VAPs) applications.

Signio is part of the Lightstone Group

Lightstone is a data and analytics provider specialising in information on the auto and property industries. They have further expanded to assist in providing information on businesses and offers unique customer satisfaction tools.